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Cap Your Pen Consulting specializes in three areas, all of which involve writing. Whether your business must write to legislators, propose bill or rule language, or improve its writing, Cap Your Pen Consulting has you covered. So put your pen away, and let us use plain language to grow and protect your business.

Cap Your Pen Services

Business Consultation


Support businesses and other interested parties by helping them navigate Minnesota’s rulemaking process. Our support includes:

  • engaging with state agencies as they draft and amend rules;

  • drafting rule comments for the official rule-comment periods;

  • submitting to state agencies petitions to adopt, amend, or repeal rules; and

  • challenging agency interpretative documents as unadopted rules.

Legislative Support
Meeting with a Lawyer


Support businesses, nonprofits, local governments, and individuals in drafting and proposing bills to the Minnesota Legislature. Our support includes:

  • researching and drafting bills and amendments;

  • tracking committee actions on bills as they move through the legislative process; and

  • drafting letters proposing, supporting, or opposing bills and other legislative actions.

Plain Language Support
Young Smiling Lawyer


Support and advocate for businesses, nonprofits, local governments, and individuals by helping them write internal and external documents in plain language. Our support includes:

  • helping them clearly and accurately communicate with their customers;

  • helping local governments better serve their citizens by rewriting local ordinances in plain language;

  • editing internal manuals, policies, and other documents to ensure that businesses can easily find needed information and easily understand the needed information; 

  • offering writing tutorials and workshops; and

  • helping businesses in other ways as requested.

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