Rulemaking is confusing. But resources exist to help you wade through the process, whether at the state or federal level

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  • Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) reviews agency rules to legality. OAH reports are published at least once a week.

  • OAH eComments page is where the public can comment on agency rules and find agency rule documents.

  • A critical part of rulemaking is publishing notices in the State Register.

  • You can also track agency rules on a somewhat accurate, not always updated, revisor's office database.

The best place for additional resources is the Wisconsin Legislature, with links to the Administrative Register and current rulemaking proceedings.

  • The Federal Register is where agencies publish rules and other agency actions. The Federal Register has also produced a succinct rulemaking guide.

  • The Congressional Research Service has produced a more in-depth guide to federal rulemaking.

  • A key office, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, has a detailed FAQ guide to federal rulemaking and the office's role, especially in determining whether a rule is "economically significant."