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What We Offer

  • Unparalleled rulemaking experience from working for the revisor’s office, Office of Administrative Hearings, and multiple state agencies

  • Unique Minnesota database of adopted rules and rulemaking defects

  • Convenient tracking of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and federal rulemaking proceedings and information

  • Insightful rulemaking and plain-language newsletter and blog

  • Cost-effective services to persuasively communicate to your clients or customers or to propose or oppose legislation and rules

About The Owner

Ian Lewenstein has worked in state government since 2014, when he joined the revisor’s office, a nonpartisan legislative office in the Minnesota Legislature. While working for the revisor’s office, Ian edited thousands of bills and other legislative documents and helped draft and edit over 100 administrative rules. He soon became fascinated by the rulemaking process and quickly developed into an expert on how to clearly and accurately draft rules for affected businesses and the public.

Ian left the revisor’s office to work for the Office of Administrative Hearings, where he managed the office’s rulemaking eComments website and refined and developed internal rulemaking checklists and procedures. Working at the office gave Ian an insider's perspective on how judges review rules and engage in other rulemaking work.

Since leaving the office, Ian has worked for several state agencies, devoting himself to rulemaking working for the Department of Health, Office of Higher Education, the Department of Corrections, and the Bureau of Mediation Services.

Along with his extensive rulemaking background, Ian has devoted himself to plain language, which advocates for excising legalese from legal drafting and emphasizing clarity over stultifying, inaccurate drafting. Ian, and many other plain-language advocates, believes that current legal writing leads to public confusion, frustration, and noncompliance, ultimately costing the public, businesses, and the state costly and time-consuming litigation in the courts.

Ian has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, and a paralegal certificate from Hamline University.

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