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Ian Lewenstein




82 Emerson Valley Dr.

River Falls, WI 54022

A Bit About Me

Ian Lewenstein has worked in state government since 2014, when he joined the revisor's office, a nonpartisan legislative office in the Minnesota Legislature. While working for the revisor's office, Ian edited thousands of bills and other legislative documents and helped draft and edit over 100 administrative rules. He soon became fascinated by the rulemaking process and quickly developed into an expert on how to clearly and accurately draft rules for affected businesses and the public.

Ian has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, and a paralegal certificate from Hamline University.

Experience & Expertise





  • Clarity International

  • Scribes - The American Society of Legal Writers

  • Center for Plain Language

    • Board of Directors​

  • Department of Natural Resources expedited emergency rules: about 100 rules

  • Health Department, Food Code: OAH 82-9000-34708; Revisor R-4071

  • Health Department, Assisted Living Facilities: OAH 65-9000-37175; Revisor R-4605

  • Pollution Control Agency, Underground Storage Tanks: OAH 80-9003-35384; Revisor R-4360

  • Pollution Control Agency, Dry Cleaner Environmental Response and Reimbursement Account: OAH 71-9003-34773; Revisor R-4411

  • Pollution Control Agency, Exempt Sources and Conditionally Insignificant Activities: OAH 5-9003-35024; Revisor R-4429

  • Agriculture Department, Groundwater Protection: OAH 71-9024-35205; Revisor R-4337

  • Gambling Control Board, Lawful Gambling; Electronic Games, Sports-Themed Tipboards: OAH 60-9017-35616; Revisor R-4555

  • Office of Higher Education, SELF Loan Program: OAH 60-9031-37587; Revisor R-4688

  • Labor and Industry Department, Code Rules: Building, Energy, Fire, Elevator

  • Racing Commission, Minnesota Breeders’ Fund: OAH 60-9011-36227; Revisor R-4606

  • Board of Executives for Long Term Services and Supports, Licensure of Assisted Living Directors: OAH 21-9028-36708; Revisor R-4622

  • Department of Human Services, Use of Random Sample Extrapolation in Monetary Recovery: OAH 71-9029-35836; Revisor R-4567

  • Racing Commission, Licensing; Medications; Conduct of Races; and Other Miscellaneous Subjects: OAH 71-9011-37101; Revisor R-4687

  • Department of Agriculture, Industrial Hemp: OAH 71-9024-37136; Revisor R-4636

  • Department of Veterans Affairs, Programs and Services: OAH 21-9054-37589; Revisor R-4659

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